The start of my journey: the application process

As I hover over the “submit” button on my application to become a webcam model, a million thoughts flood my mind-

Why is it such a thorough application form? I thought I’d just create an account and get started. At least this buys me time to think.. maybe too much time. Yikes, they want my address, really? My only permanent address is my parent’s house..

What if I get sent mail and my family find out? What if someone sees me? Ah it’ll be fine, you can block whole geographical regions..

Will I be any good at this? I’m kind of an awkward girl in real life, maybe I’ll be rubbish at it. Well, you won’t know until you try it..

I’ll need to lose a bit more weight before I expose all on camera. It’ll be a good excuse to start eating healthy. Oh god and I’ll have to buy some more razors and start keeping things a lot more tame.

Speaking of keeping things tame, it’s been a long time since I needed to bother with nice underwear. Better get investing. Should I buy a new webcam too? Better not spend too much initially, I mean, I’m doing this because I need the money.

What am I going to tell people on a first date? That I strip for money? Is this prostitution? Hang on, you’re getting way ahead of yourself- it’s probably just going to be another one of those big ideas that you pursue for about 5 days and then can’t be bothered with.

Will the company accept me? Will they look at my photo and never get back to me?

Is this a scam? I’m about to send my personal details and a picture of myself with photo ID to a random sex industry company. Is this a terrible idea? Probably!