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Words a Webcam Model should never use

Bad words are words that turn customers off and drive them away. The way you talk or word your chat messages can make or break your effectiveness as a webcam model. Here are some words which you should avoid using while working.   Time   No need to say time. Chat monitors make everyone aware… Read More

Keeping the fantasy alive

This blog is about always keeping the fantasy alive and never hurting anyone’s bulging egos. It is very important, and it takes creativity on the part of the webcam model to answer all questions with positive responses.   Yes, it may sound impossible to always say yes, but there are many ways to still say… Read More

How to interact with members

The majority of comments made by a webcam models in the open room should be directed towards the room as a group, while some should be focused on individual attention. One of the best ways to control customers is to not give anyone in free chat too much individual attention.   Comments to the group… Read More

Free to Private

Most adult webcam sites use “free chat” to drive traffic and generate interest in their models. This is where customers get a chance to see the model and the models gets a chance to tease, flirt and turn them on to the point that they’ll want to pay for a private chat.   Private chat… Read More

Becoming a Webcam Model

As a webcam model, first and foremost, you need to realize that you are the star of the show! Always remember that you are giving a performance for the benefit and enjoyment of those watching you. The following tips were provided by successful cam models who have developed excellent techniques for making the most money… Read More

The law of attraction

We attract whatever we think about, good or bad. Im sure most of you have heard about the law of attraction and its so called wisdom ways.. We thought here at WM we would write a little blog about how using this law can help benefit you in the industry. So what is the law… Read More