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Eye Kandi Models

We are always getting requests for which webcam site performers in the UK should use.
As most webcam modelling companies are based in the US it can be quite difficult to figure out all the different payment options with the likes of Payoneer and Paxum.
Since launch back in 2014 Eye Kandi Models have massively increased the UK market for webcam models, there straight to the point black and white business ethics are great, as it clear there here to help performers in the UK break into the industry.
We recently had a Skype interview with their marketing and business manager James Monroe who told us

We are looking to innovate the UK market, as there are currently few reputable and trustworthy sites to work with, thats why we launched back in 2014, with the vision to lead the UK market. Its now nearing our one year anniversary and we are proud to say we are the UK’s number one recruiter for webcam models with a 5 star customer satisfaction rate. We are very proud of what we have achieved in this short space of time.

So we thought we would talk to a few of their models and see if they’re happy and earning a big piece of the over 1 billion pound industry. LolaStorm – one of Eye Kandi Models longest working model had to say this,

Ive been working with Eye Kandi Models for about 10 months now and I love every minute of it! I used to model with a company based in the US before and it wasn’t really working out as they offered little support and massive fees for payment transfers as Im located in the UK. Eye Kandi Models are great as they are like one big family of webcam models, I receive support when needed, help with payments – which are transferred directly into my bank account each week without any fee’s. I would thoroughly recommend them to any webcam model located in the UK.

So it looks like the UK industry is revolutionising forward, if you would like to become a webcam model for Eye Kandi Models Click here


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  1. Lea 30th September 2016 at 10:52 am

    A little tip for those who cam and have a wishlist, you can use to receive gifts from your wishlist or other sites without having to provide your personal details to your clients or risk having them revealed by the wishlist sites :)



  2. Jessica 6th March 2017 at 6:18 pm

    If you are looking to become a webcam model here in the uk I would strongly advise using Eye Kandi Models – as they are a great company to work with! They can pay each performer via bank transfer or First Choice Pay (Mostly for webcam models who are located outside of the UK) Ive been a webcam model for around 2 years now and love every minute of it! Eye Kandi Models have helped me from the beginning explaining which best webcams to use etc..

    The title of this page is spot on as Eye Kandi Models – is the UK’s best webcam model site!

    xxx Jess xxx

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