How to choose your stage name.

One of the first things you have to do when you get into webcam modeling is choose a name. This is a really important decision, but for those with limited experience or guidance it can be easy to screw up. I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but I know for a fact at least a few of the camgirls I know wish they could get a mulligan on the name thing.  Here are my two cents on what makes a good stage name and a couple of ways to come up with one.


how to choose the best cam girl nameChoose a Name That People Will Enjoy Saying


Nobody wants to call you “Xxsmokeweed420xX”; it really doesn’t roll off the tongue.


Choose a name people can become familiar with and make sure it’s a name you will like. It can be a name you think is pretty, one you think suits you well, or one that has some special meaning to you.


You want your name to sound sexy, so avoid guttural sounds and internal hard sounds. Also stay clear of names that sound funny (eg. Edna Carbunkle, Gertrude Bullafarht).


It also helps if the name is memorable. Some ways you can do this include:


  • Using alliteration
  • Keeping the name to three or four syllables
  • Including a provocative word


Just look at any list of popular porn stars for great examples of this (i.e. Kendra Lust, Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas).


Be Creative and Strategic When Choosing Your Alias


For those of you into fetish modelling or with an “edgier” persona, a “Gothic” sounding word in your name helps attract the right kind of customer. Again, we can look to fetish porn stars for good examples like Belladonna, Leigh Raven, Scarlett Pain and Joanna Angel.


Make sure to Google the name you want in order to check if someone else is using it. Even if they don’t mind from an IP standpoint, they’re by-default more famous than you. Adopting their name will kill you in search results.


Then, of course, there are you lucky jerks who look like a celebrity. In this case, you should look into using a name similar to, or inspired by, that celebrity. Unless you share the name as well, you can’t just straight up use a celeb’s name, but when people inevitably search for “Zooey Deschanel porn lookalike”, you want to show up.


Zooey Desh-anal, maybe? (I’m sorry.)


Quick Name Crafting Tips for the Indecisive


So, you’ve digested all of this info and still feel a little lost. It’s cool, I’ve got you covered. Try:


  • Your middle name plus the street you grew up on (Lynn Henderson)
  • A pet’s name plus your mother’s maiden name (Molly McDow)
  • A friend’s name plus your favorite make or model of car (Sarah Lexus)


Of course you can get more creative if you want. I reached Ashe St. John by changing “Joan of Arc” to “Joan of Ark” and running it through Google translate. I discovered that Ark is “Arche” in German, which is similar to the name Ashe. Joan is also a female version of John and was a Saint.


If none of these work for you, you can also find name generators online to get inspiration.


So there you have it: what to do, what not to do, and a few ideas to get you started. The last thing you want is to hate your name six months down the line. Remember that everyone will be calling you by this name at work! So take your time, take my advice, and find one that really suits you.